What We Do


art for kids with life-limiting & serious illness


“We love hard and we make memories.”

In this video founder Gina Zaffarano talks about the inspiration behind Ziggy’s Art Bus and how we are working with like-minded organizations to bring a moment of joy to children, like Bella, who are dealing with with serious illnesses and their families.
(video by
John McCally)

Inspired by the challenges of supporting a child with a chronic or life-limiting illness, founder Gina Zaffarano, envisioned a space where children could create a memory-making art gift for their family to cherish.

Ziggy’s Art Bus is the dream realized. It is an accessible, mobile art experience for children in palliative care. Ziggy’s provides children who have life-limiting and serious illnesses with free guided art experiences.  The Art Bus offers a variety of mediums — whether drawing, painting or molding clay — to children and their families in a safe, supportive environment. Ziggy’s offers these children relief, normalcy, empowerment, and an opportunity to express themselves beyond the daily challenges they face.

The Vision

Ziggy’s Art Bus began its journey serving the children and families at Ronald McDonald House and Crescent Cove. As needs are determined, we plan to expand Ziggy’s services to families in the greater Twin Cities via home visits. It is our goal that Ziggy’s Art Bus is easily accessible to those who need it most: children navigating their illness and their families.

In this video Emily Gold explains the importance of art in her daughter’s life and how Ziggy’s Art Bus will benefit children like Lizzie.
(video by
John McCally)

The Need

The demands of caring for a child with a life-limiting or serious illness are monumental, and pediatric respite and hospice centers are virtually non-existent in the United States. In Minnesota, Crescent Cove is the only option beyond the hospital or home environment for pediatric end-of-life-care, offering inspiration and support in our early days as a non-profit. After interviewing many families with children in palliative and hospice care, the need for Ziggy’s Art Bus was realized. Emily Gold, mother of seven-year old Lizzie, put it this way, “We love hard and we make memories.”

Ziggy’s Art Bus is the inaugural program of Project Imprintz, LLC, an organization devoted to providing creative and expressive outlets for children with serious or life-limiting illnesses. We are honored to have Propel Nonprofits as our Fiscal Sponsor. Propel Nonprofits is a registered 501(c)3 organization handling financial matters for Project Imprintz, LLC and Ziggy’s Art Bus.